Vern Michaels

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Artist Bio

Vern Michaels’ resume reaches back twenty years throughout western Canada with several different bands crossing between the Rock and Country music worlds.
Always a fan of southern rock bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchett, and The Allman Brothers, he spent the early 90’s with Edmonton’s southern rock style band “Blackwater Jack” receiving local radio attention, enjoying a loyal fan base, and packin’ ’em in at all the top venues from Edmonton to Calgary.
Born and raised in the Kingston Ontario area, his professional life was spent (based) in Edmonton AB before moving to Saskatchewan in ’95 with his family. After leaving the business for a while he returned in ’98, this time assuming the front man role with “Dillinger” and later with Saskatoon’s “Rock Show Radio”.
Since re-creating himself as a solo artist in Oct 2002, Vern and the band can be seen playing the same clubs/venues as Canada’s top Country artists with an “always on the edge
” blend of the best Country and Classic Rock (a blending of styles that, to Vern, just feels like home).
From Casinos to Cabarets and Clubs, these guys are everywhere!