Aces Wyld

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Artist Bio

Aces Wyld is a new face to country music, and are making their sound known to Western Canada. Based out of Saskatoon, the band has five members who hail from all corners of the province and country. With influences from bluegrass, all the way to hard rock, a diversity can be heard in the bands original material. Between their fun, accessible, memorable songs, and their high energy, entertaining live shows, Aces Wyld is a band that you would not only love to listen and dance to, but also sit down and share a few beers and a few laughs.

This is a band comprised of music fans, first and foremost, who share their love for engaging, raucous and authentically effervescent country music. The talented trio’s most recent single, Roll Like a Banjo, highlights Aces Wyld’s ability to craft songs that go beyond genre; songs that are accessible to anyone who loves music that evokes good times, good memories and good friends.

The band is still quite new but has already carved out a reputation in Saskatoon and surrounding communities as one of the burgeoning music scene’s ‘must see’ acts.

In the past 12 months Aces Wyld has recorded and completed their debut album along with producer Bart McKay. They completed a successful release of their first single and are working toward releasing their second in April of 2017.

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